It’s not just YOU its good for!

Fruitful is our brand new life skills project managed by PIP students. Offering delicious fresh juices made at PIP HQ by the students and served with a smile by, you guessed it, our fantastic Fruitful trainees.

Book Fruitful
Feel like your missing out and want some healthy juices in your life? Look no further. The Fruitful stall is always looking for new locations to ‘pop-up’ so why not invite us along to your next market or community fare? or make a space for us in your office lobby or canteen? The Fruitful stall is a great Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for any company or event wanting to get involved. In fact, the likes of John Lewis Oxford Street, Proximity, Rockspring PIM and Sage UK have already enjoyed supporting the project.

Drop our Fruitful Coordinator Clare an email at: , if you’d like to know more details.

Fruitful 4 way pic

The Fruitful project is a great way for the PIP students to gain invaluable life and vocational skills needed to access the community and understand what is needed to have a job. It’s also very important for our students to show the world their talent and how they can be a valuable asset to any organisation.

                  What the Fruitful stalls means for our students

  • Gaining confidence in interacting with the new people and visiting new places
  • Learning vocational skills, such as creating a product worthy to sell
  • Understanding the importance of always wearing the correct uniform and being presentable for the working environment.
  • Communicating well with customers
  • Being able to confidently work with money and give correct change
  • Working as part of a team

Happy Fruitful Staff- Daniel, George and Marcio