A day in the life of…Jo Diab: PIP Administration Assistant

I only live around the corner from PIP so when I work here in the mornings I can get up at 8:30am. I always make time for a quick breakfast of cereal or a banana otherwise I start feeling a bit dizzy! If I want to treat myself, I grab a hot chocolate from the café across the road which makes starting the day a lot easier.


As PIP’s Administration Assistant, I have a lot of different jobs to do. One of the things which always keeps me busy is answering the phone and passing on messages so that the Development Workers can get on with planning their sessions.

Whenever I get a chance between phone calls, I’m sat at my computer on Amazon ordering everything we need to keep the service running smoothly. It can be anything from laminating pouches to blue paper towels for the toilets (we can never get enough of these- I seem to be ordering them every week!). Most importantly, I make sure we’ve always got a supply of tea bags and coffee- PIP would probably shut down without them.

After a quick cup of tea, I get on with any of the little jobs the team have asked for my help with. Sometimes I do shredding or make sure everyone’s petty cash receipts are up to date but my favourite job is preparing resources for all the sessions that are taught here at PIP. Jonny always has laminating which needs doing for numeracy and once I even helped him to make some puppets which the students used to illustrate a book they wrote in literacy. When I’m doing jobs like that, I know I’m really contributing to the sessions and helping the students to learn new things.

Jo with the puppets she helped to make

Jo with the puppets she helped to make

Both of my brothers are students at PIP which I actually really like because I can make sure they are learning! I see them 24 hours a day when I’m at home so I try not to talk to them too much when I bump into them here- I know they would rather be spending time with their friends.

I used to be a student at PIP too but I left to work in an office in central London. It was a great experience which taught me how to be punctual and to ask for help when I find things difficult. It gave me the confidence and the skills to apply for a job here when one came up.

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I think PIP is a wonderful place and I love working here because I can keep learning and getting experience. It’s a paid job which means I can be more independent and because it’s just around the corner I can always walk here or get a bus to my college. I also really like spending time with the students – they meet new friends and see new faces and that’s something that I love to see.

Jo was talking to PIP LDN Blog Manager Jonny Pryn