PIP on National Television

PIP was recently featured on a national television broadcast focusing on the opportunities that are available for adults with learning disabilities. The video give you an insight into the issues encountered once someone with a disability reaches adulthood, and explains the importance of organisations like ourselves for our students and their families. Watch below to see PIP sessions in action and hear directly from our staff and our student’s families:


By Adam Pearson
PIP Development Worker

A Musical Interlude

When I sit down in my music class and look around the room, I can count seven students for whom English is a second language, someone who’s selective mutism prevents her from communicating verbally, another person who’s autism makes it incredibly difficult for him to initiate a verbal interaction, three people who require hearing aids and two whose lack of confidence meant it was weeks before they spoke to me for the first time. And yet when we start to play, these barriers to communication disappear. They play their instruments in tandem, rhythmically and melodically in sync with one another, feeding off each other’s energy and the feeling within the room. They become a single unit working together towards a common goal- all without speaking a word. This is the unifying and enabling power of music, and I am fortunate enough to witness it every day at PIP.

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