Family Mis-Fortunes

When: 30th March 2019
Where: Tabernacle Theatre, Notting Hill, W11 2AY
Time: 1.45pm (doors open from 12.30pm)

The PIP Theatre Company is back with a brand new original performance – Family Mis-Fortunes.




Three families living next door to each other cheek by jowl.

They don’t get on with themselves so how can they possibly get on with each other?

Could anything or anyone bring them together?

This is a story of family politics, hopes and dreams. Where feuds are fought, rules are broken and hope springs eternal.

Family Mis-Fortunes is devised and performed by a wonderful group of adults with learning disabilities at PiP.

Drama is one of the creative tools PIP uses to help the people we support achieve their potential, gain confidence and skills and express themselves. The annual production is the highlight of the year and a real showcase of talent and creativity.


£10 – Adults and Children over 5

£7 – Concession for children under 5 or people with a disability

Paid carers who are supporting people to attend go free – please tell us if you require a free ticket on booking.