Fundraiser Focus: The Mountain Bike Challenge

PIP is a charity that I have enjoyed supporting for a few years now. I’ve found one of the best ways to help out is by taking part in the annual Mountain Bike Challenge and raising some of the funds necessary to continue the great work they do.

A few months before the event, I set up a JustGiving page which takes 30 minutes at most. The site contains lots of information about the charity so sponsors can see how the funds raised will help. A few choice e-mails to family, friends, and the work team and, within minutes, their generosity starts showing up on the website. Closer to the time, I go around the office with pictures of the event and talk to people personally about how their donations will make a difference.

Fundraising isn’t an uphill battle. Some parts of the ride on the other hand…

The day of the Mountain Bike Challenge itself is a highlight in the winter calendar. The ride takes you through some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK and knowing that you’re raising money to help PIP and all the people they support keeps you going all the way to the end. One of the highlights of the ride is stopping halfway around the course and visiting a house that puts on refreshments for the riders- the home made biscuits are a particular favourite.

After everyone has finished, there’s a real sense of achievement in the air. This is elevated by the organisers as they rally the troops with some much needed refreshments in the form of amazing, organic, local food.

Pursuing Independent Paths Mountain Bike Challenge

Dave enjoying the beautiful ride

For anybody considering taking part in the Mountain Bike Challenge, I’ve only got one tip- don’t put off doing it until next year, seize the moment and sign up right now. Once you’ve done the challenge for the first time, I can guarantee you’ll be back for more and inviting your friends and family to do the ride as well.

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Come on – spend some time in the countryside with friends and family while raising money for PIP. If this inspires anyone to give it a go this year, I will ride the event in the smartest possible 3 piece suit!

This post was written by guest blogger Dave Arnott. If you’re ready to sign up, registration is quick and easy.