Judy Wilcox

Why did you want to become a PiP trustee?

I joined PiP in 2019. I found the students eagerness to learn and the staff and trustees commitment to supporting each student to reach their full potential inspiring. Since my work experience had been in the voluntary and charitable sector I wanted to offer to help in any way I could.

My background and a bit about me.

I am a trained primary school teacher. In the early 1970’s I left teaching to work in North Kensington in the voluntary sector.

I then became involved in setting up centres which combined day care and education for children under 5 who lived in local social housing. The centres also provided support services and classes for parents .

I subsequently managed one of the centres,  which was a prototype for the Sure Start centres decades later,  until I retired in 2006.

During this time I also chaired the Kensington and Chelsea Council for Voluntary service,  the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership and was vice chair of the local Women Refuge Plus being a trustee of several other voluntary organisations .

Whilst my work over the years has been in the field of education, both with children and adults,  I have a strong commitment to the voluntary sector and the vital and different contribution it can make to society.

Since retiring I have worked part time in my local independent book shop and am also involved in the residents association and in a couple of projects in the Queen’s Park area.

I have 2 children,  one of whom is a primary school teacher, and I enjoy reading and cooking and above all spending time with good friends.