Rashedul Miah


Can you tell me more about your application for the student rep role? What did you have to do?
I had to fill in the application form, saying what I am good at and how I could help the students. The second part was an interview with Rick, Adam and Frankie.

Which part of the process was challenging for you?
During the interview it was a little bit difficult to understand everything Rick, Adam and Frankie were saying and what exactly they wanted, so I had to ask them to repeat or write it down.

When did you find out the results? What was your first reaction?
When I came in on the Friday after the parents’ evening I was so nervous because I wanted to find out who became student rep right away but the staff wouldn’t tell me. They played a little trick, a good trick, on me. When they called me up to the office, I thought I was getting in trouble. When I came upstairs, I was so shocked. Rick said: “Congratulations. You are one of the new student reps” I was so happy.

Can you tell about your responsibilities as student rep?
The first one is to talk to other students to find out what they need and write it down. With the information we get from the students we have to go to Rick and the Management team and tell them about it. Also, when visitors are coming in our responsibility is to show them around and tell them what PiP is about and how important it is for us. We are also attending meetings with trustees to tell them how PiP is helping us.

What is the next event, meeting etc that you are going to attend as a student rep?
The next meeting is the big trustees meeting on 12th of November.

Do you already have ideas of what you would like to achieve?
I have a few ideas. One of them is to do a fundraising book sale. The students would help raise money for PiP and through selling the books they would get work experience, too.

Do you have a message for the students at PiP and people with learning disabilities in general?
We are a generation that learns from each other and from the staff. We want the students to understand that knowledge is important. We care about them and we would like to help them to get work, be proud and become independent. When we work hard, I am sure we will have a bright future and PiP will help us looking for work. I wish them very good luck.