Top 5 really easy ways to support PIP

1. Regular Contribution

It will come as no surprise that small, regular donations are the best way you can give your support to a small charity like PIP. However, the knowledge that you can do this right out of your pay check with the Give As Your Earn scheme is not quite as widespread. Not only does this provide a small, altruistic buzz at the end of each month (a great antidote to the frustration of inadvertently ripping your pay slip in half as you wrestle with the perforated seals) but all gifts are tax free.

2. Fundraising

PIP students can regularly be found shaking buckets whilst presenting very convincing arguments as to why they should be in receipt of your spare change and have also taken on physical challenges to raise funds, including a sponsored six-mile hike. If you fancy doing something similar, PIP are always looking for new recruits to run 10ks, take part in the Santa Dash or hurtle through 20 miles of Henley countryside on a mountain bike.

3. Volunteering

For a charity like PIP, the gift of time can be just as valuable as a gift of money. We’ve recently been joined by volunteers from John Lewis in healthy cooking, a couple of members of the German YMCA for numeracy and employees of Westminster council for help creating a piece of artwork celebrating students’ fundraising achievements. Even if you don’t fancy assisting in sessions, we’re always on the lookout for individuals who can lend professional expertise and organisations to offer valuable work experience to an adult with a learning disability. Pick up the phone or drop us an email, we’re always happy to find a way you can help.

4. Spreading the word

By far the easiest of easy ways to help PIP is to spread the word about the work we do supporting adults with learning disabilities. Feel free to drop us into conversation at dinner parties, shout about us from the rooftops or even just follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With just a couple of clicks, you can share a tweet or a blog post with your friends and rally even more PIP supporters. WARNING: adding a video like this to your newsfeed runs the severe risk of brightening up everybody’s day.

5. Spoons

The joy of giving to a small charity is that you don’t have to fork out huge sums of money or commit yourself to a grueling physical challenge- sometimes it is the smallest acts of kindness which leave a lasting impact. When Rita, a volunteer from John Lewis, donned an apron and joined PIP students for a morning of healthy cooking, she noticed that a chronic lack of spoons was seriously hindering their ability to get stuck in to the Mexican Bean Stew that she had helped whip up. Just a week later, PIP students received some shiny new silverware, content in the knowledge that soup could finally reappear on the menu and very grateful for Rita’s thoughtful gift.

P.S. Just so you know, we’re running a little low on forks…