A showcase of creativity and talent from a very special cast

The Holiday


“Every year The PIP Theatre Production reminds us why PIP exists – to provide opportunities to showcase the skills, talents and creativity of our students”.

PIP’s CEO Bill Feeney couldn’t have summed it up better, as he stood grinning from ear to ear after another excellent show devised and performed by PIP students – adults with learning disabilities like Down’s Syndrome and autism.

On Saturday 24th March 2018 our students performed their original production – The Holiday – to a packed auditorium at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill.

This play had been in development for over six months – with students creating and rehearsing the script, animations, sound FX and music on a weekly basis. In the weeks leading up to the show no one was capable of talking or even thinking about anything else. The excitement and nerves were palpable.

On performance day friends, family, staff and PIP supporters were privileged to watch the results of all this hard work.

There was lots of laughter, drama, and even a few shock moments including…dare I say it… a *shark attack*!!!

Aside from the truly original plot, what made this play so special is that it was obvious how much the experience meant to our performers. Being a part of something so unique and their own. Their excitement at seeing friends and family in the audience, the focus of the musicians as they waited for their cue and the sheer joy when they danced. The performance had elements of improv, but the storyline was clear, and it showed the amazing things that people can achieve when they set their minds to it. The Holiday showcased PIP student’s talent and creativity by the bucket load!

The audience were bubbling over with excitement and eager to tell us what they thought:

“The performance was so much more than anything I expected. It was so professional! The actors clearly LOVED being on stage” said a first-time theatre attendee

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“I was amazed by the graphics, because they show how creative your students are”, a regular supporter and attendee gushed

“You teach such happiness. That’s what makes PIP so special” said the parent of PIP student

Now the curtains have fallen for another year…we can only wonder what the PIP Theatre Company will have in store for us next year…