American School in London Volunteering Day at PiP

We value our relationship with the American School in London as we share similar values. ASL encourages its students to develop integrity and strength of character by learning the importance of helping the community. On Sunday of the 21st October, once again we had a fantastic group of parents and students giving away their time to help us to revitalise our W9 centre reception area and classrooms. They have kindly donated us a reception desk, a storage unit, some art supplies and amazing musical instruments (As we teach our students with learning disabilities to express themselves trough art and music). We can’t wait to use our new supplies during our sessions.

Pya, one of the ASL student, wrote about their volunteering day at PiP:

“It was a pleasure helping to revitalise “Pursuing Independent Paths,” an organisation that supports adults with learning disabilities to learn the independent life skills needed to live better lives. From the very first site visit, we were eager to help out this wonderful organisation in any way possible. This time, we decided to reorganise the reception area and the music room. By doing this and donating some musical instruments we wanted to show our support to some of the most disadvantaged fellow Londoners. Our careful preparation and hard work paid off and we were able to achieve our goals!

It was amazing to see the result of our team effort. It has always been incredible to witness the ASL community of parents and students come together to help our community partners. Students of all different ages– from the lower, middle, and high school– worked hard to get the job done. It was evident from the smiles exchanged between adults and students as they lifted tables that Community Service Day was truly about cooperation, helping others and working together.

It felt good to be able to transform the site to a even more welcoming and accessible place to students and staff so they can continue to use it for the amazing work they do”.

Our fantastic group of parents and students volunteers from the American School in London helped us immensely with transforming our reception area and classrooms.

Teamwork: Tamara, one of the adult project leaders with the students and other parents in front of our W9 centre


We would like to engage with more local schools. Please contact contact us on 02089604004 if you think your school could partner with us in any way.