City University student Sophia talks about her time at PiP


 My name is Sophia and I am a university student who has just completed a five-week placement with PiP. 

 PiP is a London based charity which encourages independence and freedom to students with learning disabilities trough specific training on social and communication skills, employability, social well-being and travel training. Having researched what PIP does, this instigated my interest in volunteering for this organisation, mainly because of the intense work and pride they put into striving for the best for their students! 

Sophia helping our student Declan with his artwork during creative art session.

My time at PiP has been an amazing experience! I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of SEN students and to develop my understanding of social media and marketing to raise awareness of such learning disabilities. I have had a fulfilling experience, working personally with the students and partaking within class training sessions, enabling them to become confident, independent individuals.

Every week, I would participate in cooking sessions, interacting with students. Watching them grow and further develop their cooking and social skills has been a rewarding and satisfying experience.

 Aside from the practical aspect, I’ve also had the opportunity to work behind the scenes and partake in scheduling social media posts, writing blog posts and working out financial budgets for their new campaign ‘Beanstalk’. This has enabled me to get a wider understanding of what PiP does and its main goals/objectives. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at PiP, both the staff and students were very welcoming and lovely; it was most definitely a great place to work over the weeks. It was a great opportunity and I felt that I learnt many aspects of the charity and now have a greater understanding of the type of work that goes on behind charitable organisations.

I would recommend future volunteers to work with PiP as you will embark on a journey with great people, whist also learning many skills in the process.”

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