Day one as a PiP Volunteer

Humna volunteer


Hi I’m Humna from City University and I’m really looking forward to volunteering at PiP over the next four weeks.  I feel that it will be fulfilling and inspirational due to the opportunity to spend time with PiP’s students. PiP focuses on students’ aspirations and also on their individual goals which makes it a special place to work.

PiP helps those with learning disabilities to live their lives as independently as they can by focusing on work experience and employability, social skills and much more! I chose to volunteer at PiP for a number of reasons.

Firstly because PiP is a local charity which focuses on each person who comes here and their goals, secondly, it seemed like such a warm and friendly environment to be in.

I am at the beginning of my four weeks with PiP but I already feel really inspired and excited to be here. Volunteering is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to be inspired, but also wants to give back to the community. I would highly recommend volunteering at PiP, as it is not only an amazing place to be at; it is also one that is motivated and always striving to do the best for the students who come to PiP.