PiP crushed it this Healthy Eating Week


We’ve hopped, skipped and jumped our way through Healthy Eating Week this year!

Students have relished the opportunity to make healthy lifestyle changes, leapt at the chance to try new exercises and licked their lips at the prospect of trying new and exotic fruits. Parents and carers have also been really supportive, helping students cook healthy meals at home.

To top it off, staff took on their own healthy challenge of walking 2,000,000 steps over five days!

Health and Wellbeing is a central part of what we teach our students with learning disabilities and autism.

Learning how to make healthy choices and look after their physical and mental wellbeing is vital for them to live independent, happy and fulfilled lives.

*humble brag* we crushed it this week! Everyone has embraced trying new things, taken on their own challenges and most importantly motivated each other to keep up the good work.

Between us this week we have:

• Tried 10 new exotic fruits

• Gone for walks on our lunch break

• Done 20 press ups each morning

• Tried out some seated and strength exercises to develop our balance

• Kept our own healthy lifestyle resolutions

• Learnt more about different food groups with Marian Starrett from NHS London Community Healthcare

• Completed a whopping 3k at Stepping to the Beat on Monday – two students ran and were the first to cross the finish line!

• Walked instead of getting public transport

• Tried boxing with our friends at Fitness First Baker Street

• Sold some delicious Fruitful juices

• Had a can do attitude and a willingness to try new things

• Taken part in an energetic group exercise class run by Russell Bateman and Aiysha Hart

• Smashed it in our weekly gym session

• Bounced around on the tennis court at Paddington Rec

• Enjoyed the good weather with a game of Cricket

• Thought about the sports we like and the ones we’d like to try in our social wellbeing session

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