PiP Fundraising and Communications Manager Danielle Taylor nominated as a SAGE Charity Pioneer



Our very own Fundraising and Communications Manager Danielle Taylor has been nominated by one of our corporate partners Sage as a #CharityPioneer. Danielle has over 15 years of fundraising experience in the charity sector, working for organisations that support people with learning disabilities. She is very passionate about what she does and considers it a pleasure to be able to share that passion with people and organisations every day.

Danielle has played a fundamental role in raising awareness of PiP’s work through fundraising activities, social media and marketing. She has established and nurtured valuable corporate partnerships with a range of local, national and international businesses, and developed our links with the local community. Her tireless work has enabled PiP to support over 60 adults with learning disabilities and autism to become more independent, access the community, develop key living skills, and achieve their potential.

Sage Foundation has supported PiP for many years now, contributing financial donations, volunteers and organisational advice. This nomination acknowledges that relationship and presents another opportunity – If Danielle is selected by the Sage awards panel we will receive a £5000 contribution towards our expansion project Beanstalk.

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For those wondering what Beanstalk is; currently, PiP has a long waiting list of adults with learning disabilities that would like to attend our W9 centre. But there are no spaces. For this reason we launched the fundraising campaign “Project Beanstalk” which, if successful in its aim to raise £1m, will allow us to acquire a new space and expand the the service to double the size, increasing the number of people who can access the training and development opportunities PiP presents.

Thank you Danielle and good luck!

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