Proximity win Westminster Community Award for their CSR work with PiP

The wonderful team from creative agency Proximity have won a Westminster Community Award for their Corporate Contribution to PiP’s work.

We’re a small team at PiP. Totally committed to supporting people with learning disabilities and dedicated in helping them be as independent and valued in their community as they can be.  Finding that sense of passion and shared values in a corporate partner is a wonderful thing.

Having received support from Proximity on a projects in the past they welcomed our request to discuss the very seed of an idea. The idea was to create a working market stall where PiP students would create and make healthy juices, learn core life and work skills and interact with the general public.  Proximity loved the idea and we could see that this project was something that really excited them.  That excitement turned into two years of work and support that we just couldn’t have dreamed of receiving (as a small local organisation we certainly wouldn’t have been able to financially afford to enlist such expert creatives).  Not only did the team at Proximity come up with a logo, but they created a brand, a story that made sense to us as an organisation and would make sense to those who knew nothing about what we did.

They listened to what we needed and helped us visualise what the project could be.  It was named Fruitful – “It’s not just you it’s good for”.  From there they put hours and hours into designing and physically building the stall (with accessibility in mind) plus designed all of the promotional materials from cup sleeves to A-boards, a recruitment website to help us fill the position of “London’s Juiciest Job” and from there a promotional project website which we are now using to seek out companies and markets that wish to book us for their next event.  They are as passionate as us about making this small project into something that any new business or enterprise would proud of and it has resulted in Fruitful being by far the best looking stall in any hip London street food market – a work place and social initiative that our Fruitful trainees and PiP staff and supporters are proud to be a part of.

Fruitful has not only had an impact on the development of adults with learning disabilities, but it is a showcase project for the charity – leveraging opportunities to raise money and awareness to ensure future sustainability of the charity.

Quite simply, this project would not have been able to get off the ground in the way that it has without Proximity.  They assigned time, and top quality expertise from all corners of their business. They didn’t just squeeze us into their busy days, they have committed and continue to commit hours and hours both inside and outside of work time to helping our small organisation and supporting local people in their community. Everyone at PiP is so proud of Fruitful and just so grateful for the support from Proximity.