PWC volunteer Whitney organises a Community Day at PiP

PWC volunteer Whitney tell us what have inspired and motivated her to organise a Community Day at PiP

The group of volunteers with PiP staff and our student Marcio

“After attending a two day volunteer event with PIP through my work organisation I was inspired by the mission statement and purpose and wanted to see how else I could get involved.

I am the volunteering chair on the board of the University of Virginia Club. We are a group of alumnae who attended the University of Virginia in the USA and are all based in London. We do a variety of events throughout the year and have been searching endlessly on ways to give back to the London community and volunteer.

When I was introduced to PIP I knew it would be a good fit. Not only do we get to help a great organisation by lending our time and a range of skills (sorting, counting, organising, DIY, etc etc) but we also get to bond and socialise with each other and as a bonus get to meet and interact with some of the PIP students.

PIP is a great organisation and we are thrilled to have held our first of hopefully many community events with the organisation. Looking forward to the next one!”

Have a group of work colleagues or friends and would like to help us by organising a Volunteering Community Day?

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