See me, accept me, value me – a new campaign from PIP


PIP has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the needs of people with learning disabilities – with a focus on the importance of them becoming independent, accepted and valued members of the community.

The campaign focuses on five adults supported by PIP – Emma-Louise, Danny, Lauren, Narjis and Marcio, with powerful photography and real stories utilized to highlight important skills and abilities that PIP helps to develop:


  • Life skills including cooking, health and wellbeing
  • Core skills including numeracy, literacy and money management
  • Travel training and accessing the community
  • Work skills and work experience
  • Communication and social skills


To mark the launch of this new campaign the photography will appear in the windows of John Lewis Oxford Street for two weeks from 6 – 18 June.  The camapaign launched at an incredible event in the roof top “gardening society” of John Lewis Oxford Street on Friday 10th June


Director of PIP, Bill Feeney says


There is a genuine need for PIP to ensure that adults with learning disabilities learn the skills needed to become as independent as possible.  Otherwise, they risk becoming isolated and unable to integrate into their community.  PIP provides personalized care in unique ways, enabling people to thrive, develop and learn throughout their lives. It is vital that they can explore and enjoy the opportunities available to everyone – such as work, education, travel and leisure activities”






Emma Louise