The Journey of Peace









Hi guys,

My name is Marta and I have worked as a full-time volunteer at PIP for over 7 months.

During this time, I have had many wonderful experiences (in fact, every day at PIP is a new valuable experience), but today I would like to provide an insight into the latest PIP Theatre Company show – The Journey of Peace.

I remember the exact moment I first joined the performing art group. I was very impressed by that session, because the students were able to open up in this unique environment. In addition, I was amazed by how professional Xav, the drama facilitator, was and how open and full of understanding the PIP staff were (Jess, Ola!). However, the atmosphere was not the only thing that was fantastic, there was also a great developing of confidence and creativity of each group member. As you can see!








We started to think about the show in September, and we presented a short version of our story in December just before Christmas. But every week PIP students worked really hard – looking for inspiration, for example, in the British Museum, and thinking about subsequent parts of the show, worked out details and costumes, as well as the title of the drama. It was as much fun as it was hard work!

The premiere of The Journey of Peace, which is a story of conflict, resolution, love, loss and peace, was on the 19th of March 2016. This detail made our PIP students very mobilized but excited as well – in fact, in every day the excitement grew (literally!). I’m not able to count how many times I answered questions about the upcoming show. Especially, due to the great commitment we gave the show. We worked on it, not only, every Thursday, but also prepared the soundtrack (music sessions with Adam) and scenography (working together group with Sandy) as well. The big PIP collaboration!

PIP 55








The 19th of March was very special. Despite the fact that we were supposed to meet on Saturday at 9.30am, some of the students were so excited and couldn’t wait and were at PIP before 9am! Ok, I have to admit that for the same reason I was early too 😉 Even though it was a Saturday all staff worked with huge dedication (Bill, can you remember when I said something about ‘the PIP lifestyle’? This is it! ;)).

The day was really intensive. We had to do preparations, costume fitting and interviews, but the atmosphere was unforgettable, focused, and full of support, mobilization and excitement. There were many gestures of support for those who were nervous or in bad shape.

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I can say that every minute the excitement level increased, I can feel it even now when I think back to that moment, a couple of seconds before the show, when we all stood behind a dark curtain that separated us from the stage. Unforgettable!

Marcio from high








Finally, the long-awaited time of our show came! To be honest I was really nervous, because my acting abilities are rather debatable and it was my debut in a full PIP drama show. But as always my PIP students, friends and staff supported me. I shared my emotions with Ola (it was his 3rd PIP drama show!) and he told me that everything would happen ‘live’ and I shouldn’t worry, just enjoy the moment. That’s what I did! And it was probably one of my greatest moments at PIP! The students gave everything and the atmosphere was indescribable as well as the reaction of the audience and, of course, our friends, who enjoyed our show and literally went crazy – at the end, the actors and the audience spontaneously danced on stage!

I’m positive that The Journey of Peace was a success, because we worked together with one aim, to show others and ourselves that nothing is impossible! And if you really want something you can reach it. For me it’s the biggest sign that the philosophy of PIP works and that our students can be actors, stage designers and musicians if they have some support. They can shine on stage!

I think that we will start work on a new show soon. I can’t wait!

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I really want to say a massive thank you to everyone who made our show possible! Students – you are my stars, staff – it’s an honour to work with you. And Xav, thank you for everything! You are professional with a big heart! Your patience, dedication and creativity has been an inspiration not only for me, but everyone. All the best!

And good job, PIPsters! 😉 x


PIP volunteer intern