PIP Zombie Run

What: PIP Zombie Run

When: Annually in Febuary

Where: Malsters Arms, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire with reception at Lovibonds Brewery, Henley

Due to the success of our first Zombie Run in February 2018, planning is now underway for next year!

Could you survive a Zombie apocalypse? Join us for the PIP Zombie Run and see if you can out run a pack of drooling, lurching, un-dead! It’s every man and woman for themselves on this freaky and frightening 3 mile run through woodland! Join us and see if you can escape the zombies before they “turn” you.
















How it works

Each runner starts with four life-flags.  Those who manage to run the 3 miles and get back to basecamp without having suffered four “Zombie Bites” (aka zombies grabbing your life flags) will receive the all clear and be free to go (to the pub). Those who don’t…well…we all know what happens to them?!

The 2018 Zombie run was in honour Simon Priestley. All funds raised from this event go toward PIP’s work supporting adults with learning disabilities and autism.

Next year we will be looking for runners and zombie volunteers. Get in touch with Danielle for more details or call 020 8960 4004.