Adam – Service Manager

What is your favourite session at PIP and why?
I know I’m biased but I’m going with my music sessions! Many of our students are affected by barriers to communication, so music can be enormously liberating. It also teaches important skills such as respecting and listening to one another, working together as a team and developing creativity. Not only that but our students really know how to jam!

Share a story from your time at PIP.
For one of my multimedia sessions we went to a nearby shopping centre to find examples of multimedia in the community. We noticed a film crew so went over for a closer look. It turned out to be David Walliams of Little Britain and Britain’s Got Talent fame doing some publicity. Spotting us and sensing a photo opportunity he beckoned us over. However, being the hard working students that they are, my group stuck to the task, completely ignored him and instead fussed all over the film crew, having a go on their cameras and microphones!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Outside of PIP I like to write and record music and I play guitar and piano in a band called White Heath (you should definitely check us out). I also like going to exhibitions, remembering utterly useless and banal facts and trivia, and despairing over Everton FC (although to say I ‘like’ doing that isn’t exactly truthful).

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we might not know.
I used to work in national emergency planning at the Scottish Government and once attended a meeting in their super-top-secret-nuclear-war-operations-bunker buried under a hill in Edinburgh. The meeting was about minor rural flooding. Not the end of the world. (All the other rooms were booked).