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This week marks the one month countdown to PIP’s Mountain Bike Challenge; our biggest annual event and fundraiser. As PIP’s Director and the event’s organiser, this is when I start to feel that unique combination of excitement, nerves, trepidation, and even a touch of fear. Will sufficient riders register? What will the weather be like? How can we spread the word about this special event?

Each day I fight the urge to see how many riders have registered and how the fundraising is progressing. Actually, although I could spend all my time between now and 17th October on the event, I can’t – many other areas of PIP require my attention.

And YET, as it’s our biggest fundraiser, it seems logical that I spend a majority of my time preparing the event to ensure its success. After all, PIP relies heavily on the Mountain Bike Challenge to raise much needed funds and awareness about the good work we do. Events like this ensure we have the necessary funds to teach adults with learning disabilities to create art, learn to cook, play music, use computers and other independent living skills we all take for granted.

The PIP Mountain Bike Challenge is a community event in the truest sense. It brings people together to challenge themselves physically, spend a day in the beautiful countryside, share the experience with a wonderful and caring group of people, and contribute to a worthwhile cause.

The fundraising element is critical. It’s the common goal everyone in the event shares. Because PIP is a small, grassroots charity our overheads are low. This means that all donations have great value, as they go directly towards delivering the activities to the disabled people we exist to serve. One of the greatest examples of this is the picture below.

PIP student Tom's design for the PIP MTB Chall

PIP student Tom’s design for the PIP Mountain Bike Challenge

Last year, we asked our students to create a design for this event. Our student Tom composed this stunning drawing in pencil. We instantly realised how unique it was, encompassing both Tom’s special talent and the event’s personality. The design is now featured on our event t-shirts.

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Generating the event’s momentum – which really means getting people to fundraise – is a slow process. It takes time, but also needs a sense of urgency to generate interest and engagement. As of today, with a little more than a month to go, that momentum is slowly beginning to be felt.

muddy bums

So please understand why it’s important to push your own boundaries and comfort zone just that little bit further. How meaningful it will be to climb out of bed on the 17th October – come rain or sunshine – and be involved in the PIP Mountain Bike Challenge. By taking part you will play a vital role in a community event which directly helps adults with learning disabilities to become more independent and live more fulfilling lives.

group happy

The PIP Mountain Bike Challenge takes place on 17th October.

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To see a short video about the event please click here.

This post was written by PIP Director Bill Feeney

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